Department- Agricultural Engineering

The Department was established in 2002 under C.C.S. University and state Government to meet the long-standing demand of rural background students, farmers, Agricultural and food Industries to provide knowledge and training to the students in food processing, farm Machinery, Soil water conservation, Irrigation and thereby better job opportunities. Agricultural Engineering combines the disciplines of mechanical, civil, electrical and chemical engineering principles with a knowledge of agricultural Engineering according to technological innovations. A key goal of this discipline is to improve the efficiency and sustainability of agricultural practices.

The department has established modern, well-equipped laboratories for the conduct of practical in various aspects of Agricultural Engineering are Surveying and Leveling, Soil Science, Soil Mechanics, Hydrology, Irrigation & Drainage Engg., Soil and Water Conservation Engg., Food Science, Post Harvest Engg. of Horticulture Crops, Post Harvest Engg. of Cereals, Pulses & Oil Seeds, Dairy & Food Engg., Farm Machinery, Farm Power and Environment Control Engg. The department has its own departmental library for the Project work.

Department is enriched with the following Lab's

  • Surveying and Levelling Lab:
  • Soil Science Lab.
  • Soil Mechanics Lab.
  • Hydrology Lab.
  • Irrigation & Drainage Engg. Lab.
  • Soil and Water Conservation Engg.lab.
  • Food Science Lab.
  • Post Harvest Engg. of Horticulture Crops Lab.
  • Post Harvest Engg. of Cerials, Pulses & Oil Seeds Lab.
  • Dairy & Food Engg. Lab.
  • Farm Machinery Lab.
  • Farm Power Lab.
  • Environment Control Engg. Lab.



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B.Tech (A.E) All Sesmesters

Faculty of Agricultural Engineering Department